1.4 MW Photovoltaic Project Stalled
Poor Planning and Engineering on the part of the solar array designer left the project integrater with an unmoving tracker


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a prominent solar project integrator after their project was bungled by a solar company they hired to provide a raised solar array that was to span a 3.5-acre rainwater retention pond at a nursery in southern California.
PST recently had the opportunity to assist
The original design actually used hydraulic pistons and pumps suspended over the water... as if hydraulics never leak... profusely...

...after eliminating the hydraulic devices and finding an overlooked structural failure mode in the process, PST offered an electric-motor-based solution that minimized the risk of oil leakage and avoided the failure mode as well.
With the array having been fabricated with dual link rods to drive the multiple rows,
the single linear actuator used in the retrofit needed to utilize a yoke-style clevis attachment that drives both link rods simultaneously. 40 hydraulic pistons, 20 pumps and assorted controls were replaced by 20 electric linear actuators and 10 autonomous control units networked on fiber-optic cable.