Medium Area Tracking Platforms

This WAZ-125 pole-mounted unit is fully standalone, requiring no external power or communication. The frame can range from 16 square-feet (4'x4') to 120 sq-ft (10'x12').

This piece of equipment is designed to withstand the forces generated by 100 mph winds in its worst-case position although the inclusion of the anemometer (on top over the PV Panels) allows the operator to choose a shut-down windspeed where the controller will retract the elevation to a safer, almost flat orientation. When the wind stops the unit will redeploy.

A larger version of this equipment, the WAZ-225, is available for areas up to 200 sq-feet.

The SolarTrak® Control unit is mounted on the upper rotating part of the geardrive requiring no loops of wire to accommodate rotation and no chance of tearing or breaking the connections.

These units operate on 24VDC and contain two 18-Amp-Hour batteries in the rain-proof ventilated box next to the controller. The controller takes care of charging the batteries using the PV array along the top of the frame, 'feathering' the charge as the batteries reach peak voltage to prolong battery life.

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