Photo - Hybrid ConcentratorPrecision Solar Technologies Corporation (formerly Enhancement Electronics, Inc.) was founded for the purpose of developing high-precision tracking solutions for solar energy research, development, and production projects. The company's flagship product, the SolarTrak® controller, is perhaps the most reliable and precise tracker on the market today. The SolarTrak® calculates, rather than senses, the sun's position, eliminating the potential for errors associated with bright clouds and heavy cloud cover that may confuse sensor-based systems. PST has refined the SolarTrak® to the point where precision within two-tenths of a degree is easily attainable. The SolarTrak's® superb performance make it perfect for a wide variety of uses, and it has been used with a broad range of projects worldwide. Our controller has been successfully used in both dual-axis and single-axis applications, including commercial-scale electrical production, research, and heliostat projects ranging in size from a single-heliostat residential thermal application to the Sandia National Laboratories Solar Tower.

PST also creates and assembles fully-integrated systems - or parts thereof - for commercial applications, research & development, and residential systems. PST has created custom experimental platforms for a number of universities as well as Sandia and Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

PST is currently located in Tijeras, New Mexico, just east of Albuquerque. For more information on PST, feel free to browse through our web site or contact us at:

Precision Solar Technologies
10 Camino del Senador
Tijeras, NM 87059
Phone: (505) 281-0399

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