Solar Insolation Data Acquisition
Long-term, High-quality Solar Weather Data Collection and Reporting over the Internet


Solar Radiation Sensors

The MiniTrak™


Solar Radiation Sensors

Atmospheric Sensors

Precipitation Measurement

Data Acquisition and Reporting

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The Prospector™ Series --
                                                --Turnkey Solar Weather Stations
Compact Atmospheric Panel

Ambient Temperature
Barometric Pressure
Relative Humidity
Atmospheric Sensors

Precipitation Measurement
Video Site Monitoring

Data Acquisition and Reporting
Portable Non-penetrating Roof Stand

The Standard Prospector™ comes with:

The MiniTrak™ 2-Axis Tracking Platform
Hukseflux DR-01 Pyroheliometer
Hukseflux SR-11 Pyrnometer with ShadowBand™
Hukseflux SR-11 Pyrnometer on Plane-of-array Mount
NRG Windspeed Anemometer
NRG Wind Direction Vane
NRG Barometric Pressure Sensor
NRG Ambient Temperature Sensor
NRG Relative Humidity Sensor
NOVA Lynx Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
Campbell Scientific CR-1000 Datalogger w/Ethernet
The Observer: View what's really happening on your site... Right Now!
Fully Integrated, Programmed, Calibrated and Tested prior to shipment
Flexible Instrumentation Equipment List and Arrangement
Custom Measurement/Calibration Support Devices Available
Fully Autonomous - PV/Battery Powered - Single-Post Solution


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