The Prospector™ Mule

Portable Solar/Weather Station


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Class I Instrumentation

45-Minute Set-up

Cell-Internet Remote Access


Voice: (505)-281-0399   Fax: (505)281-4248
Map to PST Facility
Precision Solar Technologies Corp
10 Camino del Senador
Tijeras, New Mexico  87059-7631


The Standard Prospector Mule™ Instrumentation Package:

The MiniTrak™ 2-Axis Tracking Platform

Hukseflux DR-01-T1 Pyroheliometer
Hukseflux SR-11-T1 Pyrnometer - Global Horizontal Mount
Hukseflux SR-11-T1 Pyrnometer with ShadowBand™ (Diffuse)

NRG Windspeed Anemometer & Wind Direction Vane on 10-Meter Aluminum Tower

NRG Barometric Pressure Sensor
NRG Ambient Temperature Sensor
NRG Relative Humidity Sensor
NOVA Lynx Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

Campbell Scientific CR-1000 Datalogger w/Ethernet and 2 GB ConpactFlash

Trailer Features:

6' x 14' Bed

4 Adjustable Outrigger Stabilizers

Electric Brakes with Break-Away Circuit

Spare Tire

Tail-Mounted Hitch Receiver for Multiple-Unit Train

Full Lighting Package

White Coating to Deflect Heat

Completely Solar Powered

Installation and Set-up Instructions


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Made in the USA
Sold Around the World